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When I was confined, my mind, my heart, and the world started to realign. by Sunjoo Lee
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When the pandemic started, everything suddenly stopped. It was as if my whole life was hanging. In return I got plenty of time to ponder on what our tomorrow will be from now on. The uncertainty was frightening. One day I found myself online listening to talks on the very beginning of the universe. How the first atoms formed, how they combined to form the stars, the same atoms that came to compose our bodies. The physicist explained while making gestures with his hands, one fist circling around the other fist, showing how the electrons fly around the nucleus. I looked into my hands and imagined the countless atoms that make up the universe. From that day on I like to start my day listening to atom stories, imagining the world itself as virtual, rendered by atoms and their emitted lights, the delicate cosmos in which we perceive our fragile realities.

Sunjoo Lee is a multimedia artist, born in South Korea and now working in the Netherlands. Sunjoo mainly works on topics that entail a wide range of time frames, from primeval to now and the future.


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