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When in confinement, we experienced the limbo by Post Neon
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With this work we, Post Neon, want to visualize the studio's rollercoaster experience during Covid19. During the start we felt like an oiled factory producing the most content we ever produced while learning new skills from our to-do list. After the first couple of weeks our communication started to take a hit as we noticed the ineffectiveness from digital communication resulting from bad internet connections etc. The second severe side effect we felt was that our constant exchange of files and its repetitiveness felt like we were in some kind of transfer limbo. Days became weeks and weekends went by unnoticed. Concluding that as a 3D studio working virtually from a distance didn't work for us and we were unable to find our virtual workflow. After two months we escaped our limbo and decided to move back to our beloved studio and all lived happily ever after.