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When I was confined WE started living in the wardrobe by Pierluigi Scandiuzzi and Lorenzo Fasi
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Lorenzo Fasi and Pierluigi Scandiuzzi live in a wardrobe. The 20th of january we realized what we had in mind for months. To reduce to the bone our vital space, separating completely our "night" space to the "day" one; building so a working space for the two of us, all in our bedroom.

Rearranging the room we found ourselves with an enormous and old wardrobe all filled up with boxes, shoes and clothes. The solution was to use the wardrobe as a structure to hold wooden panels structure separating so the "sleeping" ambient to the working one.The 9th of march we found ourselves in lockdown, everybody in Venice and in Italy where isolated in their homes in quarantine. Studio Privè also had to adapt to new rhythms. We passed this months together as two friends working together.

Pierluigi Scandiuzzi and Lorenzo Fasi live and work in Venice, where they study at the Academy of fine arts of Venice, with professor Carlo di Raco and Martino Scavezzon.

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