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When I was confined, I do self-design and envision my hybrid by Ningli Zhu
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Self-design for the future hybrid. During the long quarantine period, my life becomes the sequence of daily routines in a limited space. Under this condition, I was pushed to extend my time and activities online. However, this sense of hybrid experience drives me to develop my self-virtual space and identity. I start to play with AR, especially the available tools, such as Spark AR or Fectar, to create avatar and face-filter.

Besides, with those self-built 3d spheres (360 images) on phone, I could “travel” virtually to anywhere at home. Our life experience itself becomes a kind of panorama, which can be digitally archived, uploaded, and shared with others.

Zhu is a Visual designer/digital storyteller from China, now based in Eindhoven. With an interest in the intersection of graphic design, media art and technology, she explores the unspeakable minds, mental-self (digital identity) reflected by the emerging technology. She uses "Interactive Storytelling” in practice, merging computational techniques & effects with emotional stories, to compose fictional Narratives while communicating about human imperfection or vulnerability in our digital age.

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