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When I was confined I was like in a pixel blur. by Mathilde Rougier
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I was working on my graduate collection during confinement. It felt like a long stressful holiday. I was divided between the restriction of space, materials and resources and the immensity of virtual possibilities. The future felt uncertain but the present felt suspended. Like an impending doom on a frozen landscape. I felt like like my thoughts were bouncing off of the walls in my head and the walls in my room. You lose your references, sight of time, sight of sky. Everything became a blur of pixels, loosing sight after seemingly infinite hours looking into the screen.
Soundscape credit : my dear friend Ben Ibbotson

Mathilde Rougier is a multi-disciplinary designer, working across the fields of modular textiles, augmented reality, 3D design and upcycled plastics. Her practice focuses on the body within a sustainable and digital context. She explores themes of digital deterioration, glitch, file corruption and modular image generation. Her previous experience include exhibiting in the Balenciaga Museum as part of the Transmissions exhibition, interning for Louis Vuitton in the show bags design department, showing at Tate Modern as part of the Digital Maker Collective and designing AR filters for Chalayan. Her work has been mentioned in Grazia, the Love Magazine and The Blueprint RU.

mathilderougier.com @clothstrophobe

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