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When I was confined, I reached the deepest bottom and started to dance. by Ksenia Dubrovskaya
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When I leaved alone with myself, time and people stopped dictating the rules. And I began to put my brains in pieces into tables… lists… charts. I moved everything to the digital world in the face of my laptop, leaving only the body and heart. Thus, I started to dance.  Choreography of everyday life. Dance to the fridge, open the door, lay on the floor. A finger, an eyelash, a navel, a goosebump, a knee, a vertebra. All together we started to see myself as a piece of art. Everything we touch can be considered from 23567899438473 perspectives. I guessed earlier, but I didn’t allow myself. The time has come.

People call me Ksenia Dubrovskaya. I’m here to simplify the difficult processes and things. I explore how the Time is living with us, and how we live with the Time.  I’m a graphic designer. From 10:00 to 19:00 working at V–A–C, a big art foundation based in Moscow and Venice. We visualise and represent all projects & their connections and are looking forward to the opening of GES-2. From 19:01 to 09:59 I do my own researches, test the reality and find hidden connections of the life.  A book is the best form for my perception. Besides, I do webdesign, take photos and write texts.

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