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When I was confined I wondered if our physical bodies mutated into a network of bubbles. by Gabey Tjon a Tham
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Grounded to the digital realm for an increased amount of time made me question how we experience spaces of connectivity without being able to be physically together. An online conversation becomes an intimate space as I get a glimpse of another person’s home. They seem to be more closeby as their face appears in fullscreen. In a group we listen to one person at the time. Instead of whispering, I silently chat with my neighbour in a private window.

These shared spots remind me what the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk describes as ‘spheres’: spaces of coexistence where media technology attempts to restore human’s primordial need to connect with others. Spheres as hybrid structures as a representation of the fragmented temporalities and social infrastructures of the web. I’m sharing here the water bubbles or small spheres that I made in quarantine to refract RGB light into different directions.

Gabey Tjon a Tham explores the nature of complex systems and technologies through immersive audio-visual installations. While what we have traditionally called nature is increasingly being influenced by human action, our technological environment is becoming increasingly complex and untameable; as if it was a new nature. Gabey creates sensory spaces for reflection on technology as well as on our own place in the world and our relation to other species. Her pieces provide a common ground that balances the natural and artificial, human and non-human qualities, thereby reflecting on the bigger ecosystem in which all is entangled.


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