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When I was confined I lost the perception of time  by Caetano Dias
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Time is directly related to space, the time perception lives in the brain and is only designed if there is a compass, a relation between movement and static, between sound and silence. The confinement erased the oscillation, creating a time distortion because there is no contact with the outside, the scenery does not change, there is no time lost in the distance. Inside the sphere there are no days, there is neither yesterday nor tomorrow, only the present because tomorrow is the past of today. The focus no longer exists, the activities take place in the same space and the tasks are mixed, the spatial divisions are merely mental. It is a hole where nothing escapes and everything that is created accumulates inside the sphere. We are laying down dreaming that we fall into infinity, where time expands and shrinks at the same time.

Caetano Dias is an Equipment Design technician. His design is focused on raising questions, criticizing and changing social awareness. He is always predisposed to learn and look at the world in a curious and attentive way. He studied Equipment Design at the Escola Artística António Arroio, studied Ambience Design at the Escola Superior de Arte e Design and he was rewarded with the Secondary Education Merit Award.


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