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When we were confined we looked at the hidden agendas of everyday objects by Arvid & Marie
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When the Covid-19 pandemic started, we had to literally flee away as our work contracts and so our accommodation were falling in shambles. We made it just in time across closing borders to a safe haven with family. Suddenly severed from our immediate work plans, our minds refocused on the basic necessities of life. Being nomadic artists, we don't usually have agency over what kinds of food we eat, how we are connected to the internet or what kind of toilet we shit in. These are all things we can’t function without and hardly question. Yet, if this global health crisis tells us something it is that humanity’s carelessness with the world around it results in catastrophes. We need to be more aware of the systems we use, so we decided to take a look behind the surface layer of three basic necessities; food, toilet and internet (since we didn’t have a roof).
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