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When we were confined, we dozed in and out of dreams of vast untouched nature, finding ourselves drifting towards a neverending horizon by Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir & Ellen Pearson
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Our abrupt new reality is the intertwining of nightmares and dreams. Time passes differently. Days are no longer marked by sunrise and sunset, rather they drift into one another like heavy fog that arrives silently, sits indefinitely and lifts without warning. Unprecedented times somehow make us think more about the past than the future, unable to see far ahead anymore. Blinded by uncertainty. Trapped in confined spaces we’ve been dreaming of vast expanses and endless horizons. We’ve been longing to escape. To breathe clean air, escape enforced restrictions of hand sanitisers and distanced greetings. We’re tired of feeling the condensation of our own breath in a moist mask, we want to lie in the dew of a misty field of neon moss. The city has become a prison, sinking back to sleep we drift to fictional lands.

Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir & Ellen Pearson are collaborating artists and designers. With a shared interest in creating a narrative approach, we explore the evolution of meaning, stemming from interests in earth sciences, horticulture, and the borders between artificial and natural.

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